The Alnwicks- a clan of Vigilante Vampires that kill...but only bad guys.

The Alnwicks are not just a family, they're a clan of Vigilante Vampires. Hurt an innocent? Don't let them hear about it!


The Alnwicks

Madison Alnwick


As the world moves toward a post #MeToo movement, where women are treated with the respect they deserve, Madison couldn't agree more, and does what she's done for the last 150 years.  She is a member of the Alnwick clan whose fierce quest for women’s rights makes her a ball buster the likes of which the world has never seen.  Madison is fully aware of her feminine wiles, and uses them to her advantage.  Merciless in her goals to eradicate the oppressive males of the world, she is any male chauvinist’s hottest but worst nightmare. 

Max Alnwick


As we move forward toward love, understanding and equality, Max is right there to do his part.    

Max is a fierce defender of all oppressed by race and sexual orientation.  He who has prejudice against minorities or the LGBTQ community had better hope Max never becomes aware of their immoral behavior, lest they fall victim to a violent and painful demise.

James Alnwick


Sadness fills James' undead heart, as he continues his 436 year old quest.   James’ cause is a reflection of his time on this planet as a human.  James fought for the uniting of nations.  It is his hope that as a modern civilization, we will learn that we are one people.  He aspires to a world with no borders, no war and no oppression through prejudice.